Welcome to my website and thanks for taking time to look around. My name is Paul White and I'm a wedding photographer. I photograph people in love, making a huge statement of commitment to each other in front of their friends and family. Getting paid to take pictures isn't really like working for a living. Photographing people on the biggest day of their lives, when emotions are in overdrive, experiencing it all with their loved ones is a real privilege. Choosing the right person to capture your wedding is incredibly important. Long after your flowers have wilted and the last slice of cake has been eaten, your photographs will serve as a reminder of one of those all-too-rare occasions in your life when everyone you love is in the same room at the same time. Having experienced this myself on my own wedding day I know that the day goes by in such a blur that the photographs in many ways don't just help you remember, they become your memories. Choosing your wedding photographer should be looked upon as an investment, so take your time to make sure you have the right person for the job. If you'd like to see more of what I do, please get in touch through the 'contact' page above and I will show you more examples of the weddings I have photographed.